Vitamin c rich foods in india | vitamin c foods for immunity

Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin c foods for kids, A list of foods rich in vitamin c  Nutrients can be seen below.  

Vitamin C is a very essential nutrient because it generates the necessary resistance to fight diseases in our body. Therefore, we can stay healthy by eating foods rich in vitamin C.
Vitamin c rich foods in india

 Vitamin C contains a large amount of fruit and vegetables.   Below you can see which fruits and vegetables have vitamin C.

Vitamin C Fruit varieties

·                     Kiwi fruit
·                     Citrus fruit
·                     Orange fruit
·                     Gooseberry
·                     Guava
·                     Strawberry
·                     Pineapple
·                     Papaya Fruit
·                     Cherry Fruit
·                     Grapes
·                     Banana

Vitamin C Vegetables

·                     Peppers
·                     Cabbage
·                     Cauliflower
·                     Broccoli
·                     Greens
·                     Tomatoes
·                     Pumpkins
·                     Sprouted pulses
·                     Mango